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interscreen Japan Y.K.
Kitami-7-17-3, Tokyo

managing director: Winfried Firneisen
phone: +81-3-3430-5179
fax: +81-3-5497-1997

Since 1993: in german, english, japanese  Production, coordination, production supervision locally and globally Live und ENG und 35mm for tv, corporate, advertizing. Trade of new and used SDTV/ HDTV Broadcast Equipment : Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, Fujinon, Canon, Astrodesign, ERG, Vinten, Sachtler, Libec, and the likes.

Rentals in Japan, single or complete with tripod, charger / batts, monitor, lighting: Sony BVW-400A PAL , DSR-500WSP 16:9 PAL, AJ-HDX-900, HDW-750/60i, HA13x4.5, XA17, Fuji and Canon SD 15x8s, wireless audio, Sigma /SQN mixers, etc... VTRs: AJ-HD1400, HDW-S2000, J-H3, DVW-500PAL, DNW-A30, DVW-A500,...

For details like current rental list, insurance, gear availability , etc...
Email  english, japanese, german - to:
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interscreen America Inc.
197 Hancock Lake , Brooksville, FL 34602

contact: Keith Olsen
phone: +1 800 520 96425

Since 1998: in english  ( for longterm shoots german und japanese available ) production, Coordination, production management in continental US. Many years of familiarity with european and japanese networks and clients as well as permanent on-going weekly outside / inside studio HD productions for US networks.

Rentals:Panasonic AJ-HDX-900 HD, AJ-SDX900 SD, Sony DXC D30, 35, 50 Cameras,
Sony D50WS SDI TRIAX-chains with DFS-700 switcher , .. in flightcases
Panasonic AJ-HDX900 HD-SDI TRIAX-chains, Panasonic HD switcher, etc.
Sony DVCam, DigiBeta, DVCPro50 VTRs, Panasonic AJ-HD1400 HD VTRs
SD/HD lenses : Fujinon und Canon, servo / manual focus and zoom remotes,
Sachtler, Vinten , Libec tripods, accessories like system / format / cross converters, HMIs, Grip-Truck, etc...

For details like current rental list, insurance, gear availability , etc...
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interscreen Europe GmbH
Koblenzer Str. 19,
55422 Bacharach / Germany

contact: Ms Brigitte Schaller
phone: +49-172-9943220

Since 1989: in german, japanese, english Production, coordination, production management . Local and regional teams for hire from Frankfurt and Munich as well as internationally experienced , from G7 summits to Olympics, PAL / NTSC / HD Teams europewide and worldwide.

Comprehensive NTSC rentals from Munich or Frankfurt, as an example:
NTSC Sony D30 , D35 16:9/4:3 cameras, Sony HVR-Z1 50i/60i, Sony HDW-730 50i/60i, HDW-F900, Panasonic AJ-HDX900, Canon / Fujinon HD lenses, etc...

For details like current rental list, insurance, gear availability , etc...
Email in german, english, japanese to : or